Flower Preservation
& Resin Artwork

Keep your special occasion flowers & sentimental objects forever in crystal clear epoxy resin

We offer custom resin casting and flower preservation services so you can keep your special occasion flowers and items forever! A great idea for any event in your life including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, funerals, recitals, showers, and more! For future events, we highly encourage you to book as soon as you can to reserve your date. Memorial keepsakes and special objects are on a first come, first serve basis if I have availability.

Pricing 2022







Click "Wedding Booking Form" below to request a flower preservation service for a wedding or future event. A $100 deposit (payment form below) is required to save your date, and 50% payment to begin all services. Minimum order of $400 including a "Main Piece" for wedding bouquet keepsakes with fresh flowers.







Click "Custom Booking Form" below to request any custom orders including:

  • Funeral flowers

  • Memorial items

  • Previously dried flowers

  • Special object keepsakes

We require 50% payment to begin all services. Minimum order of $150 for custom keepsakes with fresh flowers.


After you fill out the Wedding Booking Form above, you will receive an email from us within 24 hours with more information.
Once you receive confirmation, you will be prompted to pay the deposit below to save your date.
When checking out, please select your wedding or event date
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